Binary MLM Software Features And Working process

MLM Binary plan is one of the simple and popular structures for the multi-level marketing industry. People are enjoying the binary compensation plan software powerful features in the effective way that’s result increasing the positive reviews. Binary network marketing is providing the equal approach for all the members were active members can gain high profits with great ease. MLM Binary database plan structure is based on two legs (Right and Left) structure just like a tree in which new members are placed either on right or left leg. The two legs is a well-balanced system to makes this binary compensation plan more effective.

As a best MLM Software company, MLM software tamilnadu serve MLM binary software with the major advantage of flexibility that’s result you can easily modify the plan as per the company decision in the rules, values and designation. Our binary MLM software offered you all the standard features that helps you in the effective management of MLM business.

Here we described the list of multiple features of Binary MLM software that helps in the management of MLM business model without any hassle like:

E-WALLET and E-WALLET transfer

Business wallet

Multiple wallet

CryptoCurrency integration

Payment gateway integration

Multiple currency support

Multiple payment gateway

Multiple withdrawal options

Multilingual support

Genealogy tree

Change sponsor and their repositioning

Full responsive

Network and team explorer

Binary Pay plan working process:

At the first level of binary pay plan, one member only recruits two members. Most of the MLM companies which are using binary compensation plan based on the least active(weak) leg. In general the concept is when the left leg team has less business sales than the right team than the calculation of commission amount is based on the left team sales amount.

In short the distribution of calculated profit margin is entirely depends on your active downline team. If one of the two legs team is not so active and have no such business sales then you will loss the expected money. For further information and the concept of our program will be helpful for you to understand it without much effort.

Binary MLM software compensation:

It is important for MLM companies to have an active team and for their motivation there are various compensations are existing. As I stated you that most of the network marketing business distributed their profit according to the sales of weak leg. Some MLM companies are also using carry forward options where they carry forward the excess sales to the next commission period and so on. Some MLM companies also limit the payout to a certain amount that increasing stability in the MLM Marketing business. You can customize MLM plan and calculate profit through mlm binary plan calculator. Here we want to describe you the three types of compensation which are totally customized as per client requests:

Sponsor bonus:

As we stated above in binary plan one sponsor can only sponsored two members in the down-line and so on build up a binary tree. Sponsor bonus in general words known as referral bonus where on the referral of new members the existing members get the benefit.

Binary Bonus:

Where the downline support and adding more business sales for increasing the bonus and profit, this compensation plan is for them.

Matching Bonus:

In matching Bonus, all the sponsor of an MLM company gain quality income from their respective down-line members. It is similar to the referral bonus where you gain the bonus on the introduction of new members.

Advantage of Binary MLM Plan

Spill over: Income from the appointment of new members distributed in the power leg equally encourages everyone to recruit new members.

Unlimited depth: this plan providing the benefit of unlimited level of downline you can appointed with the guarantee that upline will get the profit on each sales.

Fast expansion: Sponsor only appoints two downline members and so on that leads the potential of expansion of MLM.

More sales more benefit: High bonus on the High sales to the distributor.

Multiple business centers: Multiple business centers to deal with the recursive data structure of binary tree.

Software Demo Available : MLM softawre tamilnadu offer Binary plan demo for free, so you can check features and choose best mlm software for your network marketing business.

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