The Most popular plan in MLM is Binary

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This Binary storm surprisingly began to strike on MLM industry very fast. The reason behind these much of popularity is binary yields an easy and complex free working structure.

When people in network marketing they want a quick result and financial growth soon. Many MLM companies proved that binary is a more fruitful plan, and its method can bring financial boom very fast.

How does a binary MLM plan work?

According to binary MLM concept distributors are placed in a binary or dual tree structure. The ideology is simple as a member you have to recruit two people on your down line, which is your right leg and left leg.

However there is no limit on how deep a distributor can build. At the same time width of your down line is restricted as only two members on your front line.

One of the main attractive feature of binary is ‘spill over’. Spill over is also known as spill network.

When you recruit more than two members, your new recruit will spill over to the next available spaces.

The main reason behind the adoption this plan by worldwide entrepreneurs and business men’s is its lucrative income possibilities.

A member has a lot of possibilities to earn several type of commissions, bonuses, rewards and awards etc. from the system.

Furthermore, there is a royalty commission for the distributors who performs a better task in the network. There are many other schemes and bonuses in binary system.

Advantages of Binary MLM plan

Simple and easy to understand

By comparing to other MLM compensation plans binary work mechanism is very simple and straightforward.

Therefor binary is favorable to the beginners and for the people who have less knowledge about network marketing as well.

Unlimited depth

However binary has no limit on levels, you can go for deep as much as you can. If your right and left legs are stable, you will go for a high earning possibility.

More teamwork and coordination

This is a plan with immense teamwork and coordination. distributors stimulate their down network to perform well by achieving sales volume and targets. There has synchronization between the members to achieve financial goals.

Spill network

Spill over/spill network is a special feature in binary MLM plan. When a member holds more than two legs, the new leg automatically spill over to the next available places on your network. By this spill over concept members get people sponsored in their down line by their up line.

Rapid expansion of your down line is possible

However binary plan has the capacity to grow faster. The plan is of unlimited depth. So rapid expansion of your down line is possible with this plan.

Disadvantages of Binary MLM

• You can be fortunate to earn from the spill over only if your sponsor is strong .If he is not recruiting many members you will not get benefit.

• You can only make benefit from one leg not from all your legs.

• Sometimes it is a very complex down line structure with spill over and check matches.

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